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Old 15th December 2007, 06:29 PM
Lazarus Lazarus is offline
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Default Pope John Paull II Bulls Through The Arena

His Holiness now plays a major role!

1. Papal bull is hornless Benedicto. Lady #122 addresses him as Reverend Benedicto, who works for the Pope. He is seminarian by his own edict, promulgated by the Pope to become a priest. But there is lot of mystery behind this character. Philippine-born from California, he travels mostly between Europe and his native land while always on the phone with this lady, discussing about their bullish market of Benedictine crosses, miraculous medals, and a multi-million lottery jackpot. (Do keep wondering!). They met on a pilgrimage to Rome years ago, both dined together with a Vatican official, Philippine Cardinal Sanches. So in our verdict, we hung our trust upon this man as a sacrifice. We would learn more about him during weekly gatherings, after our prayers when this lady talks about all her other issues, over a cup of tea and some snacks.

2. That Pope John Paul II knows everything about the House of Prayer in Burbank, gives all his blessings and prayers, and he calls lady #122 “his beloved daughter“ much to her delight. According to the Reverend, the Pope has even described to him her complete personal appearance. Her several statues in the House of Prayer also are gifts from the Pope and bear a Vatican Seal. The Pope, to our delight, used the monstrance in his private chapel long before being shipped to Burbank, thanks to the Reverend! So convincing of these Vatican tales, that she easily wins people’s trusts and support - more so financially!

3. Lady #122 would later raised tens of thousands of dollars, my own money included, and send them all to Reverend Benedicto, an “intermediary” between her, the Pope and another mysterious Franciscan cloistered Monk from a monastery about 5 hours drive from the Vatican. She can't drive, has no car, but she's a back-seat driver - driving me crazy - insisting always on her choice of road path, and I can't argue. I am on disability, always on call for her bank deposits, withdrawals and remittance transactions. My reluctance melts away, she knows, as soon as she assures me we are doing this for the Lord - and our Blessed Mother. Who can refuse that?

4. Meanwhile, the Reverend was supposed to visit and bring over an expensive tabernacle from Rome, and I was supposed to pick him up from the airport. But too many times it was cancelled, hence I never met him, not even once and whatever happened to donated the funds is a good question. I wish to meet him in the future; I feel like a matador wanting to strike this bull.

5. But whenever lady 122 or anyone has a doubt about this bullish Reverend, she would ask the Lord and she usually gets messages to our satisfaction, and then our trust to her is restored again. Her honesty is impeccable to us, that we never doubt she’s ever capable of faking any messages. That’s why the more I sank deeply in her revelations.

6. One day, after getting no contact from him for several months after entrusting him with huge funds, she complained to the Lord in anger, "Lord what is this, a scam?" "He is sick" is the response she got in her locutions she said. She has a big mouth, so I truly asked her she if really treated the Lord that way. Yes she did. In fact as we would later learn from her, Reverend Benedicto was driving on his way to the Monastery to meet with this cloistered monk when the devil disguised as an animal crossed his path sending him to hospital with numerous broken bones. Here we got a conviction the devil is all out to get both, so all out is our support for him and this lady. She even told us, according to this Reverend that heaven assigned battalion of angels to guard her House of Prayer. Once in a while she says, and he affirms, that a devil is seen lurking outside her house.

7. Yet a very closed-friend of her cannot avoid suspicions that she would later convince many of us "Not to give anymore money to this lady #122." This caring friend would later be kicked out of her house of prayer, strictly told not to come there anymore. Several more saintly but suspicious friends were equally forbidden. So saintly lady #122 seems to be, yet anyone who gets in her way gets booted out. So I just slipped away quietly much later. But here I am - to tell all.

8. Also in her living living-room lies a very adorable approx. 18-inch fiberglass statue of Baby Jesus on a manger every visitor so admires about. She first saw it at a gift-shop of a very astute Filipina business-woman who herself also runs a prayer group she visited. She claims she asked the good Lord if she would allow her to buy it for the House of Prayer. Go get it, it would be terrific in your house, so His answer goes. She would later raise funds, even for a dime donated, she was assured, the Lord promises great blessings in return.

9. I am giggling to myself since then until now. If it were a true message from Heaven, I thought, the good Lord should had rather warned her - not buy it, it’s a rip off! For about $200 worth in the Philippines, she paid an obscene $1,000! There’s just so many contradictions I was so uneasy about - if her messages truly comes from Heaven.

10. When the Reverend arranged for her trip to the Philippines to speak about the Seal of the Living God, it was followed by a message she claims from Jesus, encouraging her to prepare and go - the Lord will speak for her. This gave us the impression that the Reverend is also an important Heaven’s instrument with a mission.

11. It puzzles me, all along the Seal is to be given only at her house, yet she has to travel overseas to promote it. Yet this trip she refused and cancelled. So in effect, in her private revelations, she overrules Jesus as she wills and she did so in many different occasions I witnessed. She never talked about this trip again. This is another inconsistencies!

12. That Pope John Paul II is surrounded by the Masons within the College of Cardinals that during his last days, Reverend asked Lady #122 to raise funds for the much needed surgery to be done secretly unknown to the Cardinals up to grab for power. I gave $100. But the requests keep coming in, so later I another donated $100. I asked her later how much total she sent for the Pope. Over $18,000 - from donations across the United States.

13. The Western Union barred Lady #122 as they suspect money laundering to terrorists; she sent too much money overseas. So I signed for her all the time, wire-transferring money not to Rome but to Reverend’s account in the Philippines - under different names of Italian bishops - for the Pope. I am going crazy! This must be a scam of universal proportion. But no one can question this domineering lady caught up in private revelations!

Ron, doesn’t the Pope has the best medical care in the world?

14. Even more confounding is - very soon after the Pope John Paul II died, he came to this lady at night to thank all those of us who sent money for his "medications" the way he puts it according to her, so how can we question, she's fully under the blanket of her own private revelations? The venerable Pope would later become her frequent nocturnal visitor and she would always ask him to touch all her images, and all the Pope's pictures for distribution (for small donations). She would always insist him "did you already touch them." "Yes, my daughter, I always do whatever you ask me" as she relates to us of their encounter.

15. In a way, people liked this lady for her impulsive, commanding manner, and no one dares to question her. She can also be equally nasty to nasty callers especially those who accuses her of fraud. She's a leader being looked up, with tremendous followers. John Leary and a lot more notable visionaries are her close contacts, and they affirm for one another. She knows they are authentic, she asked the Lord, she says, and the Blessed Host gave her assurance indeed as she claims.

16. On and on until the antichrist comes, she's determined with her "mission" more so now with a heavenly guess of her arena - her house of prayer - the soul of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II!

Ron, I used to be carried by her claims since the Pontiff was a very saintly man. Now with God, the Pope freely roams the earth bestowing his heavenly assistance to us mortal beings, especially on her!? Now I feel impaled by this lady's horn, instead.

Where's the red flag?

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Old 15th December 2007, 07:12 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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You are right to complain about all her deceptions and falsehoods. She is truly lost from among the sheep of Jesus Christ. And her claims about the Pope are of course false.

I'm glad you have stopped believing in her.
Now you should forget all about her, and focus on Scripture and on the lives of the Saints, and on the teaching of the Church.

grace and peace to you,

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