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Old 12th December 2007, 04:22 PM
Lazarus Lazarus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Default The House of Prayer in Burbank of #122

Hi Ron,
Let me tell more of my true experiences:

1. With her natural born leadership, articulate and convincing, I was one of the many invited to her small 2 bedroom house with spacious yard at a suburban Burbank, California. Like a Moses, able to speak her mind, a fighter, and widely respected even among the clergy, she is to guide the masses to a Church "underground." She has been receiving locutions since she came to California from Michigan and found work as a Union Bank teller, and now retired, closed to 80. When we were at a cemetery to bury a friend, I asked where she plans to be buried. She said God told her she will never die. What's going on here, I thought. She spends a lot of time before the Blessed Sacrament on her time between work, being unmarried and unable to drive.

2. She explains her story this way: She wanted to go to Ireland to receive the Seal of the Living God in Christina Gallagher's house. God the Father denied her a permission. Subsequently God told her the Seal will be given on her house if a Holy Mass, Rosary, Rosary of God the Father be offered right there. Only her house - that accommodates less than 30 people to the maximum - is designated for the entire United States with 300 million population. But she accepts no arguments yet, she's very imposing. Instead she expresses the sentiments of heaven that people are not taking advantage of these opportunities which is being offered only for a limited time.

3. In her small prayer room are statues and portraits of saints so impressive it defines her as being a "mystic" with a mission from above. Her collections increased more with gifts of images from Pope John Paul II through an intermediary, Reverend Benedicto, a Vatican employee- seminarian-confidante of the Pope. So here comes her strong Vatican connection who will play a major role in her private revelations.

4. Drops of blood now appear in her images. Consecrated Holy Communion hosts with "miraculous" drops of blood are also among those in her altar in tiny monstrance and pyx. Jesus speaks to her through any one of those images including the hosts, she claims.

5. Once in a while she would read to us a beautifully-worded messages dictated to her in that room. We were so dumbfounded of all these "divine manifestations" in her life.

6. In praying the Divine Praises, we repeat it twice because God complained to her that Catholics do not praise Him enough compared to Protestants.

7. She claims on having been visited by souls from Purgatory as being sent by God to ask her for prayers. She never sees them but instead, she hears a boiling oil like an egg being fried, then the soul would identify itself. Among them are the who's who in Hollywood, famous actors, actresses and - President John F. Kennedy who started by praising God in his mercy for having spared him from hell he so deserved for a sinful life. Queen Mary of England who died in the 1900's came to her in 1990's. Emily Gerhardt whose plane believed to have crashed in the Pacific and was never found. It is so fascinating to be around this lady #122 that anyone will surely be hooked up to private revelations - completely yet nearly impossible to be released from.

8. A soul, she said Jesus told her, has to suffer in Purgatory for a minimum of 20 years before being allowed to visit her to ask for prayers. Among them, her own German father, 30 years "deep down there" who smacked her in the head that caused her lifelong seizures preventing her to drive.

9. At some point over a period of several months, she helped a lady-friend who has a religious gift shop sell her merchandize inside the prayer room resulting in more than $20,000 in sales. But one day, she stopped selling as Jesus told her to stop it as it is taking her time away from praying to Him. We her friends were so amazed that Jesus is even so down-to-earth. In so many things she relates to us, she portrays she is in direct conversation with Heaven. There's a lot more signs and wonders too many to mention.

10. But the "greatest miracle" of all took place one night after the Holy Mass, during the exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in her house. A half-square inch watermark suddenly appeared in the big Host to the astonishment of everyone present. When she asked the Lord if she could keep it, the host illuminated and pulsated, she says as an answer the Host may not be consumed by the priest after the Exposition. I later witnessed the Host palpitating like a heart on a close-up look.

Ron, can this bethe work of the fallen angels, too?

11. So there she kept the Host for years now - a top secret - lest the Church authorities would come in and take it away from her. She would never ever divulge her interior life and this top secret to a priest unless she is sure he believes in private revelations, otherwise, there will only be problems, she says.

12. The priests go there basically to offer the Sacraments, Mass and Confessions, but this lady has other agenda, that is, the Seal of the Living God. Fr. Nick by whom the "great miracle" took place doesn't even pay attention to it and refuses to acknowledge it as a miracle. "We do not even know what it is" he says of it. But this lady took control to keep it. Fr. Felix preferred to adopt the Rosary of God the Father for his personal devotion. Fr. Nick and Fr. Felix both died about 2 years later. Another priest, Franciscan Missionary Fr. Steven became the regular priest after he heard a voice "stay in this ministry." He would later tell us that he saw the face of Jesus Christ on that same "miraculous Host." Yet he would later leave for good when he could no longer stand having the Host being kept by this lady in her house.

13. For herself, this lady #122 told her inner circle she would keep the Host no matter what - hidden from church authorities. By slip of tongue she told her "top secret" to a next-town Parish Priest but this priest demanded to see it. She refused to. On the second time around, OUT OF OBEDIENCE the priest demanded it again but she refused again, then she went into hiding from him. Later she circulated a news that she consumed the host, which is just a ruse.

14, I met with this priest and he explained to me the rule of the Canon Law and the OBEDIENCE as factors in judging the authenticity of a private revelation. This lady flunked it. And this priest stopped me from going there anymore. Out of obedience I did. I thank God for it, it broke me away from the grip of this lady #122. A previous priest told me before that God would not do something contrary to His Church.

15. Her locutions affirmed her the Host is a gift of heaven so that when all public worships are forbidden by the antichrist, people will have an underground "church" to pray and worship before a Blessed Sacrament - in her house of prayer.

What a deception, I finally realized!
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Old 12th December 2007, 04:49 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 12,608

Ron, can this bethe work of the fallen angels, too?

Yes, certainly a fallen angel can make a host appear to pulsate or appear to have light coming from it or appear to have blood or an image on it.
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Old 12th December 2007, 07:05 PM
js1975 js1975 is offline
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Location: West Chester, PA
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I have been reading intently. You seem to have a 1st person account of the who's-who list of false apparitions. This story sounds like a good plot for a horror movie, just a a few "jump out of your seat" scares and you have yourself a blockbuster!

thanks for sharing these stories, interested to hear more..... (Really, thank God you are out of there!)

2cor 7:1 Therefore, having these promises, most beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and of the spirit, perfecting sanctification in the fear of God.
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Old 12th December 2007, 08:23 PM
Brother Brother is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
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What a difference from a true private revelation such as St. Faustina for example where God tells her to be obedient and meek to her superiors no matter what they tell her to do.

Scripture tells us to be obedient to our superiors too; but the revelations from this person show God as imposing secretive authority over one soul so that this person can disobey His own Church.

Thanks for sharing Lazarus, I'm also glad you're learning the truth to get out of there and I pray for the ones who might have gotten caught into it.
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Old 13th December 2007, 04:31 PM
Lazarus Lazarus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 180
Default More!

Thanks for accommodating me!

1. In the cemetery, I went along hoping I can ask #122 stop by my mother's grave to see if she can get me a message for me, since I know souls talk to her. But #122 has difficulty walking, so I let go of that. Because #122's old friend once disclosed to me, by her mother's grave before, #122 received a message for her - to treat her-in-laws well. True indeed, her sister-in-laws were in fact her adversaries. Besides, #122 has been telling us, so far then there has been over 400 souls from Purgatory who came to her on late nights since it started in 1990's. Having a penchant for Math and bookkeeping, she keeps a written account of their names, messages and other details. She would once in a while pull out her notes and read it us to our bewilderment. So anyone can become so attached to her in loyalty and admiration. She also keeps track exactly how many visitors had received the Seal of the Living God, which was over 2,000 then.

2. I should have rather elaborated, that palpitating of the host I witnessed is inside of that small watermark. Overwhelmed by sensations. I was so glad then the Priest did not consume it. She then began inviting people to come to her house for silent and personal adoration - anytime. Yet, she does not even put up vigil lights nor candles nor flowers for the Blessed Sacrament. Kept in a monstrance, a table runner from 99 cents store and hang over it as a cover. I thought the good Lord is being poorly kept in a very undignified manner this way.

Once she was questioned by a visiting priest if she has permission, but now with a cover, it is hidden away from sight. Priests were bewared to keep their mouth tight, lest the bishop come knocking at her door. In overnight adoration at San Conrado she stopped going; why not she already has her own. In fact on Christmas and New Year's Eve, she moved the overnight vigil to her House of Prayer. I was invited!

For the monstrance a lot of people generously donated. Purchased in Rome by Reverend Benedicto it was way overpriced and she has to seek more donations to have it gold-plated, the total costs reached close to $5,000. Some of us would later suspect Reverend Benedicto is running a big scam - for money - from this “innocent” lady. She has a lot of contact to seek donations from and spends a lot of time on the phone. I have another long story about all about these.

Before a 2-ft statue of St. Padre Pio arrived from Reverend Benedicto, #122 told us there will be a lot of healing miracles from Padre Pio, according to the messages. So I brought my mother, dying of cancer. I also convinced my relatives to bring in their dying son, good enough they ignored me. No miracles has ever taken place for years now. False revelations indeed carry a lot of empty promises!

3. She seeks a lot priests to come to her House of Prayer, she can always get one to say Mass. When a young renowned visionary Priest was assigned next town, she sought to see him. He was in a Medjugorje when Blessed Mother appeared to him. BVM wants him to become a priest - and so he did!

#122 assumed this very Eucharistic priest believes in private revelations, so she related her own a mystical experiences - the "miraculous Host." But beyond her wildest expectation this priest, instead, wants her to hand it over. "Jesus is being held hostage" he says, so concerned was he to ask her friends to get it from her house and bring it over.

In her sentiments, #122 says "why is he demanding it from me, he is not even my Spiritual Director" Then she claims to have consumed it. Yet she disclosed to my friend that she would call a police if ever Fr. Steven, who since stopped coming, would come and take the Host away. She will, I have known this lady to be a fighter.

Ron, I wonder, does this priest has a right to demand obedience though he is not a bishop and belongs to a different Parish, and that he is not even her Spiritual Director as she insists?
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Old 13th December 2007, 05:39 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 12,608

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Ron, I wonder, does this priest has a right to demand obedience though he is not a bishop and belongs to a different Parish, and that he is not even her Spiritual Director as she insists?

he cannot demand obedience based on his role as a priest, or as the pastor of a different parish. However, the Church does have laws protecting the Eucharist against misuse. And he has the right to demand, under obedience to the Church, that she give the Eucharist to him or to another priest.
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