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From her interesting anecdotes she related to us, she was born and raised in a sizeable farm owned by her German father in Michigan. Early in life, when she ventured to Los Angeles, she made a 54 day rosary novenas by which she landed a teller position at Union Bank until her retirement. She credits her rosaries for what she believes until the very end her mission - to lead a prayer group. She had a male friend, a prayer partner who receives locutions. Eventually she, too, started hearing voices. I asked her what are those voices? Instructions to the Catholic faith she claims from which her faith grew and she started frequenting the Blessed Sacrament. She never married, never learned to cook, and cannot drive, yet her circle of trusted devout Catholics friends expanded, and for 30 years she led the 1st and 2nd overnight adorations of the Blessed Sacrament of the Padre Pio Prayer Group at San Conrado Mission Church near Dodge Stadium in Los Angeles. So impressed I was that I became one of her many followers, so to speak.

Eventually her small 2 bedroom house in Burbank became a venue of the big names in the world of private revelations. Fr. Melvin Doucette came back twice last month, February 2008, and offered Holy Mass before as many visitors fascinated by this house of prayer.

She firmly holds to her conviction that The Seal of the Living God for the entire US population is to be given only at her house of prayer, patterned after that of Christina Gallagher from Ireland. I stopped going there for about 2 years now in a obedience to the prohibition of another parish priest because of the Blessed Sacrament secretly being kept there against Canonical rules.

She also received messages that her house will be transformed into a hiding place several stories high, with an underground basement and that the Blessed Sacrament is a gift from Heaven for the coming era when public worship in churches are forbidden. Where will she get the money for the construction? So I believed her when another message came - a big time grand-prize lottery winnings. That she will live long enough to be a pillar on the end-times. Empty promises.

But more people believe in her goodness, that if ever, she is just another victim of false revelations.
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