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Thanks for accommodating me!

1. In the cemetery, I went along hoping I can ask #122 stop by my mother's grave to see if she can get me a message for me, since I know souls talk to her. But #122 has difficulty walking, so I let go of that. Because #122's old friend once disclosed to me, by her mother's grave before, #122 received a message for her - to treat her-in-laws well. True indeed, her sister-in-laws were in fact her adversaries. Besides, #122 has been telling us, so far then there has been over 400 souls from Purgatory who came to her on late nights since it started in 1990's. Having a penchant for Math and bookkeeping, she keeps a written account of their names, messages and other details. She would once in a while pull out her notes and read it us to our bewilderment. So anyone can become so attached to her in loyalty and admiration. She also keeps track exactly how many visitors had received the Seal of the Living God, which was over 2,000 then.

2. I should have rather elaborated, that palpitating of the host I witnessed is inside of that small watermark. Overwhelmed by sensations. I was so glad then the Priest did not consume it. She then began inviting people to come to her house for silent and personal adoration - anytime. Yet, she does not even put up vigil lights nor candles nor flowers for the Blessed Sacrament. Kept in a monstrance, a table runner from 99 cents store and hang over it as a cover. I thought the good Lord is being poorly kept in a very undignified manner this way.

Once she was questioned by a visiting priest if she has permission, but now with a cover, it is hidden away from sight. Priests were bewared to keep their mouth tight, lest the bishop come knocking at her door. In overnight adoration at San Conrado she stopped going; why not she already has her own. In fact on Christmas and New Year's Eve, she moved the overnight vigil to her House of Prayer. I was invited!

For the monstrance a lot of people generously donated. Purchased in Rome by Reverend Benedicto it was way overpriced and she has to seek more donations to have it gold-plated, the total costs reached close to $5,000. Some of us would later suspect Reverend Benedicto is running a big scam - for money - from this “innocent” lady. She has a lot of contact to seek donations from and spends a lot of time on the phone. I have another long story about all about these.

Before a 2-ft statue of St. Padre Pio arrived from Reverend Benedicto, #122 told us there will be a lot of healing miracles from Padre Pio, according to the messages. So I brought my mother, dying of cancer. I also convinced my relatives to bring in their dying son, good enough they ignored me. No miracles has ever taken place for years now. False revelations indeed carry a lot of empty promises!

3. She seeks a lot priests to come to her House of Prayer, she can always get one to say Mass. When a young renowned visionary Priest was assigned next town, she sought to see him. He was in a Medjugorje when Blessed Mother appeared to him. BVM wants him to become a priest - and so he did!

#122 assumed this very Eucharistic priest believes in private revelations, so she related her own a mystical experiences - the "miraculous Host." But beyond her wildest expectation this priest, instead, wants her to hand it over. "Jesus is being held hostage" he says, so concerned was he to ask her friends to get it from her house and bring it over.

In her sentiments, #122 says "why is he demanding it from me, he is not even my Spiritual Director" Then she claims to have consumed it. Yet she disclosed to my friend that she would call a police if ever Fr. Steven, who since stopped coming, would come and take the Host away. She will, I have known this lady to be a fighter.

Ron, I wonder, does this priest has a right to demand obedience though he is not a bishop and belongs to a different Parish, and that he is not even her Spiritual Director as she insists?
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