an online Catholic discussion group,
for the purpose of helping members to learn the Catholic Faith ever better.

This discussion group is only for Catholics who believe the teachings of the Catholic Church.

A range of opinions is welcome in this group, but the promotion of heresy and the undermining of Church doctrine is not permitted. Also not permitted is the promotion of any false claim of private revelation (see this list). Members must treat one another with respect, even when disagreeing with the opinion of another member.

All members must have the attitude of a disciple of Christ and a student of the Magisterium, striving to learn the Catholic Faith ever better. This discussion group does not exist for the purpose of expressing and exchanging baseless opinion.

The group is taught and led by Ronald L. Conte Jr., a Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator. Members who are not willing to learn from me, or who do not regard me as a suitable teacher of the Roman Catholic Faith, are not welcome.

Members who join this group should read and post on a regular basis, including at least one post a month. If you post only infrequently, please be sure to log-in when reading posts, so that I know you are still active in the group.

Please e-mail me first, before submitting a membership request, and tell me about yourself as a Catholic and why you want to join, so that I can have some basis for deciding whether or not to admit you as a new member.

I am currently accepting a few new members.

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